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P8 Campaign against Vandalismthe 4 Rs

Students are asked to research the four Rs on the internet and they make a  powerpoint or prezi presentation on their findings and what they have learnt.

– List of the four Rs (Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, Repairing /Recover /Repurposing) and definitions – photos

– Students research existing laws on the topic (waste management) on an  international level, European level and national Brief list of laws- International laws – description
– European laws – description
– National laws – description
– Do we apply the four Rs in our life? How? Document your answer with photos
– Do we reduce our waste? Document with photos.
– Do we try to reuse items?
– Do we recycle at home and at school?
– Students research waste recycling plants in their own country in order to understand how waste can be transformed into energy. They document their findings by saying where the plants are located and what products they transform.
– Do we repair and/or repurpose? Do you repair things that are broken or do you throw them away and buy new ones? Instead of throwing somethingaway because it has ceased to serve its purpose, do you use it for a new purpose?
– Conclusion – Students say something about what they have learnt about the 4 Rs.

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