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P8 Campaign against vandalism

Part 1

Students are asked to think about the causes and effects of vandalism both within and
outside schools. They will carry out a research project on acts of vandalism and microvandalism. They will think about what they themselves can do to fight it as individuals
and as a community. They will show their findings in a powerpoint presentation.

– Students research what vandalism is and different forms of vandalism (vandalism,
minor vandalism, causing danger to the public etc.)
– Students research causes of vandalism
– Students research effects of vandalism
– Photos of vandalism inside school and brief description
– Photos of vandalism outside school in their hometown and brief description
– Students think about what they can do as single individuals to stop vandalism
– Students think about what they can do as a community to stop vandalism
– Students research articles in national Constitution and Civil Code Book about
sanctions and/or penalties or fines for acts of vandalism
– Students describe two recent acts of vandalism in their country (they say where
and when it took place, what happened, if the vandals were found and what
penalty was given and a final personal comment)

Part 2

Students think about how they can preserve school premises, equipment and furniture.
They themselves can restore, refresh and revive a run-down or neglected room or small
area of the school with recycled or second-hand materials.

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Results CECG Madame de Staël:

Vandalism Project France